What are Cookies?
Cookies are tiny files of data that a website is able to store on your computer and almost every website in the world uses cookies of one form or another. They allow a website to do things like maintain a shopping cart, or provide the owner usage statistics about their website.

Are Cookies dangerous?
In short, No. In themselves, cookies are not executable, and therefore are not dangerous like a computer virus. They are simply text files of the sort you may create in NotePad and most websites use cookies for simple, benign reasons.

During a scan, your AntiVirus software may flag specific cookies as "malicious" because they can track you across multiple websites and form a profile of your behaviour, however the only danger they really present is a potential invasion of privacy.

Why are you telling me this?
Recently the EU have issued a new law stating that all UK-based websites must gain consent from their visitors before cookies can be placed on their computer, and be transparent about the cookies that will be used. For this reason we list below the types of cookies we use and why so you may make an informed decision about using our website.

What do I do now?
If you are happy with having these cookies stored on your computer simply click the "continue" button above and this message will disappear and we will not bother you again.

If you are not happy with having these cookies placed on your computer you can prevent our website (and all websites) from leaving cookies on your computer by altering your browser settings. Each browser has a different way of achieving this. For more information on how to do this please refer to aboutcookies.org. Do please keep in mind that doing this may affect your ability to use our website and others.

Alternatively, you can click the "no thanks" button above and we'll send you back to your last page.

Please note, by visiting this page you may already have had a cookie placed on your computer. If you wish to remove this please follow the guidelines described on the website mentioned above.

Our website uses the following Cookies:
Enhancement Cookies

Targeting cookies

Cookie Ownership
All of the cookies used on our website are minimally intrusive and are controlled by the first party. No personally identifiable information is stored on these cookies.

Additionally, a cookie called "allowCookie" will be placed on your computer if you consent to our website using cookies; it will only be placed after you have consented. This prevents our website from having to ask you for consent again. This cookie records no personally indentifiable information.

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